One Church
One God


Our worship services are a time to praise and thank God, to better understand His Word, and to learn how to grow in faith in today’s chaotic and difficult world. We invite you to share in the feeling of peace that comes through worship, and to learn how to take advantage of God’s word in your everyday life.

A worship service is a special time of the week where you can unwind, find encouragement, fellowship with one another, and join in the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our services are relaxed and include music, elements of creativity, and life-changing messages.

When we come together in worship, we seek to connect with God, responding to his love and goodness. We prepare our hearts to receive His Word and to fellowship with others. Through dynamic worship music we celebrate who Jesus Christ is and all that He does. This brings us into God’s presence and enables us to receive all that He wants to say and do in us through the life-changing messages brought to us by our pastors. Through the working of His Word in our lives, we are empowered to reach out to others in loving fellowship and powerful ministry.

When you join us for a service, you are welcomed to join right in with us or get comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere of God’s presence. We focus on creating an atmosphere that encourages everyone to worship God freely.

The Music
Music has the power to speak to the heart and, at Cross Church Cleveland, we know that the experience of worship prepares the heart to receive the message that God has for you.

The Message
Teaching the Word of God is the primary reason that we come together on a weekly basis and we want you to walk away knowing that you heard a message that you can apply immediately to your life. At Cross Church Cleveland, our focus is not on religion, it’s about a relationship with God; seeing people saved, delivered, fulfilling their purpose, and serving God. Our messages speak to real issues of the heart and provide practical applications for your life, your family and your work.

Translation is provided in Spanish during the Sunday morning service.
Translation is provied in English during the Spanish Sunday evening service.

We would love for you to join us for worship for any and all of our services!!